Workshops for Youth and Families

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What Is Workshop?

Workshop is a safe, playful, and educational environment where preteens and teens develop a deeper self-expression and self-awareness of themselves. Our participants also build a supportive community with their peers through a series of carefully crafted activities designed to enhance their growing strengths. These growing strengths can be referred to as inter/intra personal skills. The interpersonal skills we cover include: service orientation, social skills, cultural competence, teamwork, and oral communication.

The intrapersonal skills we cover include: ethical responsibly to self and others, reliability and dependability, resilience and adaptability, and capacity for improvement. We introduce these skills through writing and speaking activities in group, partner, or individual settings. As we focus a great deal on these skills we also understand the “Power of Play” and give our participants a chance to be silly and goofy with our simulating yet fun games.

What happens at our workshops?

In Workshop, one of our many focuses is the importance of validation. We offer a chance for participants to openly share a few kind words to a fellow participant.