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Frequently Asked Questions

      • What is Workshop?

Built on the promise of “keeping good kids good,” our educational seminars give preteens and teens between the ages of 9 and 19 a chance to transform themselves during four week-long summer seminars—or workshops—and 4-6 spring and fall afternoon seminars—or workshops.

By challenging youth to face fears, overcome struggles and nurture healthy, rewarding relationships, Dr. Franny and her team of Peer Leaders are changing lives, one kid at a time. Through a unique, peer mentorship model, workshop participants thrive on the connection of older teens mentoring them through their own experiences and challenges. Peer Leaders volunteer 350 hours a year to Workshop and are specially trained to offer a highly personalized, hands-on approach to teach workshop participants essential life skills.

At this point, the Workshops for Youth and Families (WYF) program has 10 members on the Leadership Team, 45 current Peer Leaders and 16 new Peer Leaders being welcomed in 2019. This totals 71 young people who are committed to serving this organization and its participants with time, experience and compassion.

  • What do you do? Agenda/Curriculum?
    Programs are constantly changing in order to meet the needs and address current issues adolescents are facing. However, there is a core to the curriculum and it follows three main principles:

    Six Pillars of Character”
    Three Powerful Medicines
    •Power of Genuine Apology
    •Power of Laughter & Play
    •Power of Honest

    Youth Development

    All three principles are invaluable life skills and assets that teach youth how to effectively deal with everyday situations. As for an agenda, we do not have a set agenda for the Workshops as they are participant based programs. If we receive a great deal of responses or questions about any particular area, for example bullying we will spend more time on that topic. Also, 80% of the curriculum can be introduced in multiple settings; partner activities, small/large group interactions, games, or skits/presentations. We utilize these settings based on the participants needs.

  • What programs do you offer during the summer vs. school year?

    During the school year WYF offers all-girl, all-boy, and co-ed workshops for pre-teens and teens. These “one day workshops” make learning to survive and thrive the ‘roller coaster’ of pre- adolescence fun, empowering, and allow participants to meet a ton of other great kids their age! Over the Summer WYF offers four week-long workshops for entering-grade groups 5-7, 8-10, and 10-2019′ HS Grads.Click here to view Workshop Calendar
  • What if my son or daughter has never attended a workshop?
    There is no previous attendance required. We LOVE new participants! Our goal is to make each and every participant feel welcomed and comfortable. WYF establishes a “no put-down” policy to ensure everyone feels safe and respected.
  • My child refuses to go, how do I help inspire them?
    This is perhaps our most popular question. Due to the fact that WYF offers such unique programs, often time’s parents find it hard for their kids to get excited about going. In fact, many will refuse to go. Some motivation techniques we offer to parents of resistant children are registering with a friend, requesting that they try it for a few days, or just plain old putting your foot down. Our staff is trained to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere which can be very comforting for new participants but you have to get them in the door first. Most of our staff will admit that they were forced to attend the program and will also confess that it was one of the most life changing experiences of their lives. If you get them to a program, we will help you deal with the resistance.
  • Is there food provided?
    One Day Workshops:
    For all One Day Workshops, pizza is served as snack along with a drink. Pizza is ordered from Little Ceasars. If your child has any allergies, please alert the staff at the time of registration.
    Summer Week Long Workshops:
    Due to facility restrictions, all participants will be responsible for bringing their own lunches (microwaves and refrigerators are not available). Dinner will be provided Monday – Thursday except during “Footprints & Pathfinder” due to the shorter days. Meal schedules will be provided to the parents at the Sunday Parent Orientation. There will be a vegetarian option, however, WYF cannot accommodate participants with special dietary needs as all meals are donated through local businesses and other supporters in the community. Participants can also purchase snacks at the Snack Bar.
  • What do they need to bring?
    -Participants do not need a spiral notebook on Sunday, but will need one for the rest of the week. *Only for Summer Workshops
    -Participants will need to bring a sack lunch daily. *Only for Summer Workshops
    -Participants may want a long-sleeve shirt or jacket (the room may be cool).
    -Participants may want to bring a small bag to keep their belongings together.
    -Participants who take medication will need to bring medication in its original container with specific instructions for medication.
  • What do you offer for parents?
    notMYkid offers a full array of parent education programs. For Workshops for Youth and Families (WYF), we partner with local adolescent specialists every summer and present Parent Workshops. These workshops are held the same week as participant workshops. Parent Workshops are focused on guiding parents on how to strengthen their relationships with their children.*Summer 2019 Parent Workshops dates will be announced through social media and email communication. Sign up here to stay in contact on the latest updates from notMYkid!
  • Can my son or daughter bring a friend? How about a family member?
    Yes, many times having family or friends in the same program will help motivate your child to attend and participate. However, in order to create an environment where adolescents can make new friendships, feel comfortable, and have their own individual experience we will separate those individuals that have a close relationship. The large group of participants is divided into smaller groups called “Families” which act as home base for participants and allow for them to have at least two designated Peer Leaders. Siblings, family members, and friends will be in different groups but will have time to interact with each other during the breaks.
  • Are there Scholarships Available?
    Scholarships have traditionally been made available for Summer Week Long Workshops. During our time of transition, this fund will need to be rebuilt by the notMYkid team. Scholarship amounts are determined by availability of donated funds and profile/need of registrant.Click here to download a printable Workshops Scholarship Application 2019*Please understand you will be placed on a wait list until decisions are made.
  • Can you refer me to a mental health professional?
    Yes! If you are looking for a mental health professional please call the notMYkid office at (602) 652-0163 or email to get connected to our Resource Director, Kelli York, LPC. notMYkid has a wealth of resources and referrals we can assist you. This support is provided at no cost to you to help you find the right resources for your family.
  • How many kids attend?
    The number of participants that attend workshop vary every year. One Day Workshops typically have 60-100 participants and Summer Week Long Workshops have 70-110 participants. We do have a limit on how many participants we can accept for each workshop. Our Summer Week Long Workshops are capped at 110 participants and all other programs vary based on staff availability. Capping our programs ensures a safe and comfortable environment. To ensure a spot, we recommend registering at least two months prior to your desired Summer Workshop and one month prior for all others.
  • Do I need to attend Parent Orientation for Summer Workshops?
    The Orientation is not mandatory; however, it provides a great opportunity for parents to learn about what their children will be learning and experiencing at the workshop. Also, it is a great way to connect with other parents and gain insight on what other parents want for their children.
  • What is the difference between Workshop and Counseling?
    What is a workshop?
    An educational seminar, discussion group, or the like, that emphasizes the exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, information, skills, etc.
    What is counseling?
    Professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts, trauma, and emotional problems. It is often used as a result of a crisis and is typically very focused. Our programs are not designed to replace counseling. Many counselors have referred their clients to our program as they see the personal benefits we can provide to their clients as well as how it can complement the work they may do in private sessions.
  • T-Shirts?
    There is a T-shirt included with registration for Summer Week Long Workshops. The T-shirt sizes run in adult sizes (XS-XXL).
  • What kinds of kids attend your programs?
    Simply said, we focus on keeping good kids good. Over 40 years ago, Dr. Frances Mills-Yerger, the founder, felt the need to equip every-day adolescents with tools to help them navigate the normal changes and conflicts of growing up. Today our program remains true to this principle foundation, and pre-teens & teens from across the Valley have realized the importance of skill- building opportunities. We do not discriminate against those children who seek our assistance, but if we feel that your child’s circumstances are too mature for their designated program, we will direct you to another program or a professional that can deal with your child’s specific needs more effectively. To further discuss your situation in detail and gain assistance in placing them in the appropriate Summer Workshop, please call the notMYkid office at (602) 652-0163.
  • What is the gender ratio?
    We normally have a good balance of male and female participants in all of our Programs. You can receive more detailed information by calling the notMYkid office at (602) 652-0163 one week prior to the program.
  • What will my child learn? Is it age appropriate?
    Each program has a specific focus; however, the major topics covered in most programs include: healthy vs. unhealthy friendships, problem solving, goal setting, building social skills, peer pressure, negative/destructive behaviors, healthy vs. unhealthy lifestyles, etc. The intensity of each topic is gauged by the age and maturity of the program’s participants. Each program is loosely grouped by age, with the intention to ensure the relevance and appropriateness of the curriculum for your child’s developmental stage. For more information on a specific program, please review the information provided on the website.
  • Is there a daily schedule for Summer Week Long Workshops?
    Summer programs do not follow a cut and dry schedule. We have found that having a participant-based schedule is more beneficial to their overall experience. A basic overview of the week is as follows:
    -Check- In / Registration: Completion of Questionnaires and Forms
    -Parent Orientation / “Breaking the Ice”: Parents attend an information meeting about the Workshop while participants also receive information and perform activities to increase their comfort level.
    Curriculum which is participant based, in other words, workshops are designed around the needs of participants. We alter the curriculum based on answers in questionnaires from Sunday as well as responses during the week from participants (For Example: If the Facilitators have a great deal of feedback about Cyber-Bullying, they will alter activities to allow for much time/focus on that area).
    Recap/Review, and Closure. More information will be announced at the Sunday Parent Orientation.
  • Is there a difference between Footprints and Pathfinder?
    Footprints and Pathfinder are both designed for participants ages 9-12, however like all our programs they are participant specific. The focus areas of Footprints will be different than Pathfinder. In addition, there will be new games and if there are repeats of curriculum they are introduced in different ways. Essentially both workshops are similar, but if a child wanted to attend both they could do so without feeling like they are repeating the two.
  • Is your program accessible or appropriate for kids with learning or physical disabilities/limitations?
    Our staff is required to attend ongoing training courses throughout the year which exposes them to various techniques in order to ensure a meaningful experience for participants with special needs. In the past, WYF has accommodated staff and participants with moderate learning, attention, and physical difficulties such as ADHD, Autism, and Asperger’s so long as they are high-functioning. Please keep in mind that our program is heavily dependent on communication, maturity, and movement. Accommodations can be made for those with moderate limitations but our staff is not properly equipped to assist adolescents with severe disabilities. If your child has special needs please inform our staff when registering and we can help you decide whether this program will be valuable to them. As the start of program approaches, specific accommodations will be arranged as necessary. It is important to remember that every person is different and as such, every participant has their own unique story. We ask that everyone attending a Workshop keep an open mind towards one another in order to preserve a safe and welcoming environment.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    All cancellation requests must be made in writing via mail or email. For SUMMER WORKSHOPS: Full refunds will be given on requests postmarked fourteen (14) days or more prior to the start of the workshop, less the $75 nonrefundable deposit. For cancellations beginning 13 days before the workshop and up to and including the Friday before the workshop, there are no refunds, and credit toward an upcoming workshop will be given, less the $75 nonrefundable deposit. Credits are valid for exactly one (1) year from the date of cancellation. For SUNDAY AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS: Full refunds are available up to and including the Thursday before the workshop. Cancellations made Friday, Saturday or Sunday of the workshop weekend will receive a credit toward a future workshop in the amount paid for the workshop. Credits are valid for exactly one (1) year from the date of cancellation. All requests must be received by our offices in writing Monday-Friday. *Scholarships are available. Please contact our office at or (602) 652-0163 for more information.