Workshops for Youth and Families

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Participant Testimonials

“Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for encouraging me to come to workshop. I was surprised that after the orientation, the camp was the best this summer. I learned so much! Some things that will be different when I walk out of this camp are: 1) I will be braver than I ever was in front of bullies. 2) I will be better at making friends. 3) I will know how to respond to people. Thank you so much for all your work. You mean a lot to me!”


Parent Testimonials

“Dear Workshops for Youth and Family…Please accept this donation in honor of Jameson closing his final chapter in Workshop and the celebration of 15 years of participation by the Powell Family. WYF has played an important role in our family…a place to be heard and validated and have learning experiences for our 3 sons and for us as parents. The beautiful friendships that we have shared will last way beyond these actual Workshop times. As will the incredible moments of wonder, joy, pain, and laughter. We have grown much and count ourselves lucky to be forever part of Workshop! We request that this gift be used for scholarship for “The Journey Week”. It has been our experience to accept scholarship on behalf of youth we have tried to help. It is now our blessing and honor to pay it forward.”

Karen & Bill Powell (Alumni Parent)

“Thank you for doing the workshops for teens. Anna was at the first one last week. She was initially angry with me for signing her up, but she has already shared bits of what she got out of the week and I’m really exited for her. If she can learn in her teens what it took me until almost age 30, she’ll be much happier than I was. I appreciate your dedication and passion for the kids. They may not know until much later what an absolute gift you’ve given them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mary McGill (Parent)

“Chloe continues to amaze me. The tools she received from Workshop help her stand firm with her decisions. I appreciate your dedication to the program and am seeing the results. When Carter was a sophomore I saw him every day with his head held down, defeated and struggling with depression. Shortly after, Carter started Workshop. I saw him grow in confidence and knew Workshop turned his life around….as it did his sister Kayla’s. Workshop has made a positive impact on my family.”

April Legg (Alumni Parent)

“As a parent going through the teen angst years with my daughter, I know that I couldn’t have had a better outcome with her during that time had she not gone through the workshop process. She started as a participant and transitioned into the peer leader role, and watching her on the journey was truly amazing. I know that Workshop helped her make better choices and decisions during that rough time, and will be with her throughout her entire life. I tell every parent of a teen I meet that they have to send their kids to workshop, because it’s a transformational experience. And I witness her putting the workshop teachings into practice every day.”

Linda Little (Alumni Parent/Board Member)

“Thank you Dr. Franny, Brandon, Pauline and the rest of the team that give tirelessly to our kids to provide life changing experiences. Your love, compassion, and guidance are never ending.”

Susan Schlangenhaft (Alumni Parent)

“Just wanted to thank you for the great work you did with Nicholas this summer and fall- he loved his workshop experiences, I think it is really helping him grow.”

Nick Moscaritolo (Participant Parent)

Staff Testimonials

“It is impossible for me to talk about Workshop without getting sentimental. Workshop to me was a safe haven. It was the one place during my years of confusing teenage angst that I felt totally safe to grow into myself. It was where I learned about my rough edges and found the courage to understand and love them. It was a place that I was free to experience who I was as a person, and find out who I wanted to be. I learned how to be open to change and to always be patient with myself. I cannot imagine the path I would have ventured down if I didn’t have those essential life tools that Workshop gave me. The people of Workshop, alumni or current, will always be my family. My heart bleeds IALAC, Bold Steps, and Passport Partners!”

Ava Jane (Leadership Team)

“I got involved with WYF because I was a young girl going to high school needing guidance and help to deal with everyday issues. I became a Peer Leader because I came out of Trailblazers a new girl with new values. I wanted more than anything to help others achieve what I did through Workshop. Being a Peer Leader has impacted my life greatly. Peer Leading has improved my confidence, my self-awareness, being a leader amongst my peers, and dealing with conflicts maturely. The most significant thing I’ve learned at WYF is identifying unhealthy relationships. WYF has helped me get away from toxic relationships with maturity.”

Dana (Peer Leader)

Alumni Testimonials

“My life made a 360 degree turn when workshop became a part of my life. I gained self-worth and started making decisions that would better my life and me as an individual. I have had the best support group behind me year round and been given one of the most rewarding experiences I could have ever asked for. I have met some of the wisest kids and truly seen what my generation is made of. Workshop improved my social skills greatly and really made me feel like I could go somewhere in life. The program gave me the motivation I needed to envision my future exactly the way I’ve dreamed of it.”

Amanda Rosenthal (Alumni)

“I exited from the Leadership Team in 1999, and I still carry the workshop in my heart every day. The workshop gave me family when I most needed it, and taught me to create family in my life wherever I go. I always have – so, between my Orho friends and the non-Orhos I’ve met since, I now have more loved ones than I imagined possible in my younger years. The best gift of workshop was being seen and genuinely loved. No one asked me to be anyone other than the fun, creative, wise, messed up person I was. They only asked to know more, and they met me with celebration and support with every story I told. To have a large community of peers and adults affirm my uniqueness, at an age when I might have otherwise stamped it out to fit in, was everything. I am a confident, happy, successful adult who faithfully follows her intuition, largely due to Frances Mills-Yerger and my peerleading, leadership-teaming cohorts. I have lived in San Francisco since exiting the workshop. I have often felt sad that I cannot be there and here. I wish I could remain involved on a day-to-day level, to empower the young ones coming through, as others did for me in my good old days … and to help lead my Capture the Flag team to victory at Hawley Lake!”

Katie Burke

“Thank you for sharing. It is easy as the years go by and life progresses to forget the tremendous impact Workshops had on my life. I will never forget the summer of 1984 (or 85?) when I walked into my first week long workshop all the way through being one of the first Leadership Team Members. Thank you Franny, fellow alumni, and all those that came after me for shaping who I am today. IALAC.”