Workshops for Youth and Families

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Peer Leader Staff

At the heart of our workshops are the outstanding Peer Leaders who help make it all happen. Each Peer Leader guides a small group of participants (1:4 ratio) through workshop activities, providing meaningful conversation and someone to whom the participants can relate. Not only do they co-facilitate our workshops, they proudly represent Workshop at community outreach meetings and conferences. Workshop’s Peer Leaders are a vital component of who we are and what we do.¬†They volunteer 300-350 hours per year of their time to our organization, and commit to their role as Peer Leaders for three years.

To become a Peer Leader, past Workshop participants must go through an intensive application process. Applicants benefit greatly from this learning experience because for many of them, it is their first time completing an application and going through a formal interview process. Once they have been selected, they go through a rigorous three-day training program each year that gives them the tools to mentor their peers. It also provides essential life skills they can apply to any situation well into adulthood.